Branson 5220R Tractor

Branson 5220r tractor

Meet the All-New

Branson 5220R Tractor

Mid-State Turf & Tractor now carries superior Branson 5220R Tractors and attachments. This model is great for any agricultural tasks, on your own farm or job site, and fits a variety of attachments to streamline every outdoor project.


What Elevates a 20 Series Tractor like the Branson 5220R
 Above the Rest?


 - Wider Flat Operators Platform
- Heavier/Stronger Main Frame
- Tilt Steering Wheel
- Flip-Up Adjustable Seat
- Hydrostatic Steering
- Dual Hydraulic Pumps
- Metal Hood, Fenders/Powder Coat Finish
- Wet Disc Brakes
- Category 1, Rear 3-Point Hitch


 20 Series Features:


 Front Axle: Tight turning front axel with a lock out angle of 62 degrees with 10 degrees of camber - making the 20R units one of the tightest turning tractors in the industry.

Hydrostatic Steering: Allows more control if obstacles are hit with the tire, no mechanical parts to wear out.

Dual Hydraulic Pumps: Smoother operation of the front end loader and the hydrostatic steering - each has its own dedicated pumps. 

Fully Synchronized transmission and shuttle: Allows operator to shift on the go without bringing the tractor to a complete stop to change gears.

Independent PTO: gives the operator much more control over his PTO function - plus it reduces the chance of the operator burning out his clutch.

Additional features include cast iron rear end and transmission housings, metal hood and fenders with powder coat paint finish, wet disc brakes, and a deluxe seat.


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