Ferris Lawn Mowers

Ferris lawn mowers

Nothing Performs Like a Ferris

Ferris mowers help you get the work done faster and have fun getting there!

Everyone loves spending time in a yard well-kept. Whether you're grilling with the family or soaking up the sun, Ferris lawn mowers are the most enjoyable way to make it exactly how you envisioned it. When you match Ferris' sports car-like handling and the support you get from MT&T, it's a winner for everybody! 

Owning a Ferris is super easy too. Anytime you need us, just pick up the phone and we'll handle everything.

IS 3200

2019 Ferris IS® 3200Z

Blazing new trails in mowing technology, the Ferris IS 3200Z features fully independent suspension and reclining seats with suspension and lumbar. Automotive grade electronic fuel injection, Oil Guard* Systems and Engine options reaching 37 horse power. The industry's largest 26" tires deliver even better traction and a smoother ride to every IS 3200Z.

2018 Ferris IS® 2100Z

The perfect performer for homeowners looking for more muscle and a great ride. All you need is one day on this machine to see how smooth the ride and superior the cut is, compared to everything else in the neighborhood.

IS 3200

2018 Ferris ISX800

2018 Ferris IS700

IS 3200

2018 Ferris IS600

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